Why Choose Us?

Rising Sun Performance takes years of experience sourcing high quality vehicles directly in Japan and combines it with extensive knowledge in motorsport stemming from work with top tier race teams. With a passion for quality automobiles, our goal is to help you find the best possible car. Be it performance, luxury or both, Japan is known for its competitive pricing and high quality automotibiles, that’s we have been on the ground and active in Japan for nearly a decade.Having started from just 50 Facebook followers, the Rising Sun enterprise has built itself on honesty and quality of service. We pride ourselves on being upfront about any vehicles condition and do not purchase vehicles that do not live up to our own stardards. We want to get you the best car possible. Simply purchasing the easiest and most convenient vehicle goes against what we believe in. Shipping cars worldwide, we not only have experience with many different types of vehicles, but also the regulations and processes of many countries.We’ve grown a lot over the past years and now have permanent bases and employees in Japan as well as Thailand to best serve our customers. We truly appreciate those who have given us the opportunity to do business and look foward to doing so again in the future!

I was sold on Jon's honesty and flexibility with supplying a product. Straight to the point and delivers what he says. Purchased a Lancia Delta EVO, Evo 9GT and plenty more to come! 

Scott Taylor
Isle Of Man

I would highly recommend Rising Sun. Being from Ireland、there has been a lot of extra needs to have things perfect for customs etc. l appreciate all of his help and would definitely buy from them again. They will always go above and beyond for customers that have deposits down

Martin Mcdonnell

Product quality is top-notch. Shipping is fast. Customer service is AMAZING. I honestly can’t recommend them enough. If your a serious client they always have time for you. 

Pat Downing
Founder of Global Dimension

About Us

Jon Sims


I qualified as a motorsport technician many moons ago, gained experience with top teir race teams and of course backyard builds was a commonplace thing.  Before I knew it I was in Japan, and it wasn't easy! With about 50 followers on my Facebook page. 1 sale a month was great. This eventually allowed me to get into drifting, and I was content living in my shoebox sized Japanese room! It was a great time in Japan for me. My Facebook videos gained attention from all over the world, because of the brutal honesty I show and speak. I gained trust from all my clients and have succeeded to do so ever since. It's a patience game, and nothing comes over night, but I kept chipping away. Consistency is the key in life, no matter what we are doing. Doing it great every time, for time! I point out all the bad points, because after all, I'm an exporter and vehicle inspector. NOT A SALESMAN. Selling you something that I know is potentially not the best car you can buy, is against what I believe. I strive to find you the best you can afford. Not just the easiest and most convenient one for us to buy. If I can help you with a passionate service, I believe you guys will help me in the future! The support I've recieved over the years is tremendous and I truly appreciate those who have given me the opportunity to do business with you! Behind the scenes I'm always working 20 hours a day. It is not unusual and I never have time off. We all get 24hrs a day, and i figured if everybody does 10 hours and I do 20, I can achieve things twice as fast.  Anything is possible if you believe it. No matter who says you can't.. Keep going! I have found more passion in my job, because of the success I've had with you which makes me hungry to keep achieving, and who knows what's next for us in the future ....


Rising Sun Exports -  4831 Ikonobecho, Tsuzuki Ku, Yokohama, 2240053 

Rising Sun Performance - Chonburi Ban Bueng Road, Nongsumsak 20170 - Thailand 


RISING SUN, 4831 Ikonobecho, Tsuzuki Ku, Yokohama 2240053